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Water Damage, Mold & Fire Damage Restoration From the wrath of Mother Nature to a plumbing emergency, when disaster strikes, you want a disaster recovery and water damage company you can trust. You need a full-service restoration team that guarantees a fast response, most importantly, you deserve restoration experts willing to do whatever it takes to give business and homeowners a peace of mind during an incredibly stressful time.


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Margaaa Services is your full-service water damage restoration company Located in the heart of the beltway so we get to you fast. Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and anywhere in District of Columbia.

To provide you with the best and quickest resolution possible, we are always incorporating innovative water restoration technology and procedures into our services. The greatest equipment, supplies, and experts in the field are all provided by us for your use. Our team is devoted to ensuring that you always receive the greatest goods and services at the most reasonable costs.. We perform our flood and water cleanup services in Fairfax County, District of Columbia, Arlington and Loudoun County and the surrounding area. whether you have frozen pipe water damage or a flooded basement; we can handle it all. Call us today to Schedule your next appointment. You can trust the fact that we train our employees well and make sure they use the most cutting-edge restoration methods, technology, equipment to save everyone time and money.

There is no reason for you to look elsewhere, since we provide every service under the roof and above it.

At Margaaa Services we cater to you and your needs. Washington D.C. Northern Virginia such as Fairfax county, Falls Church, Arlington County, As well as Loudoun County From Chantilly, to Sterling and Ashburn, all the way down to Leesburg. regardless of where your property is located. Our water damage restoration specialists have received thorough training to provide the best response for your emergency. We are experts in water removal, property restoration, and a variety of additional emergency or non emergency services. Our experts will put a plan of action in place for every service we do and would elaborate it to you the property owner clearly prior to start of service.

We Provide Enviromental Services, Such as Asbestos Removal, Mold and Fungus Removal, Sewage Back up Remediation

Asbestos Remediation and sewage backlog is one of the worst difficulties a homeowner can experience. Asbestos could be deadly and sewage backup happen when something prevents water from passing through your sewage line properly, resulting in a buildup of trash and a major issue that no homeowner wants to deal with. Little sewage damage backups can become a bigger problem and a very expensive nuisance if they are not properly handled. 

You shouldn't try to clean up sewage damage on your own. The Law requires the proper removal and remediation by a professional when sewage water touches any part of the property outside of your toilet. By not doing this, you run the risk of contracting infections, damaging your property, and escalating the issue. It's wise to turn to the professionals when considering hiring someone to clean up and remove sewage or asbestos from your property. We Provide our services In The cities of Falls Church, Fairfax County, City of Fairfax, Loudoun county, Cities of Leesburg, Ashburn, Reston, Great falls, Oakton, Chantilly, Centerville, Clifton, Arlington County, City of Arlington Va.

What Happens when you don’t treat the basement properly when it floods?

Basement water damage is something that if left untreated or not cleaned up properly, can turn into a very serious issue. Common causes of water in basements are either from internal factors such as a water heater or washing machine breaking, ceiling leaks, or burst or frozen pipe water damage to more extreme flood damage from either rainwater, ice melting, floods, or storms.

When you first notice a flooded basement, it is important to take into consideration a few things to do. First and foremost is to shut the main water valve. investigate where the water is coming from. Begin to remove all items from the affected area into a dry space so your personal items do not get ruined further. Lastly, call us at 1-855-NOW-MARGAAA OR 855-669-6274 to begin the basement water damage repair and restoration process.

WE Have been a proud Fairfax county Business since 1999! and have Sponsored events in Fairfax High school as well. We are your home and business services company!

Margaaa Services has over 24 years of experience in In Home services From emergency services to renovations and restorations. Started in the city of fairfax and continued serving the beltway since 1999!  Our professionals are qualified to do any water removal job necessary in northern Virginia, specially in Fairfax county, Loudoun County, Arlington County, District of Columbia or Washington Dc, no matter if you had a large-loss from sudden storm damage, or have some broken, leaky or frozen pipe water damage. You’ll need proper water damage services from a home water damage restoration company that knows what it is doing. When you need emergency water removal and flood damage cleanup, we make it our mission to check your home from top to bottom to make sure that all excess water and moistures are back to normal levels.

We collaborate with all Insurance companies.

Almost all homeowners and businesses insurance policies include provisions and coverage for damage to your property and contents/belongings caused by excessive water, despite the fact that individual policies vary widely. Margaaa Services strives to lessen your load after a calamity. We take care of the paperwork and documents required to submit your claim while coordinating with your insurance provider.

24/7 Water/ Flood/ Smoke/ Fire/ Mold Damage Professionals in Fairfax County and the Surrounding Counties and Cities

Serious health problems may result from water damage that is ignored or improperly handled. Your Fairfax county, home may experience water damage from a variety of sources, such as toilet, sink, or bathtub overflows, broken or leaking pipes, frozen pipes that burst, water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, or dishwasher overflows, air conditioner leaks, sump pump failure, water damage to hardwood floors, or a flooded basement. We can take care of whatever water damage repair you need! 

Turning off all water sources is the first thing you should do when you suspect water damage to stop more flooding. To protect your property furthermore, you should also turn off the electrical breaker in the troubled location. Thereafter, dial 1-855-NOW-MARGAAA. in order to have a team arrive and start the water suction and drying. 

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