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Established tree care services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

It is important to keep your trees in excellent health. Margaaa Services professionals provide tree trimming services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. to keep the trees on your property looking their best. We can also keep your property safe by removing problem branches or dangerous trees.

Margaaa Experts will make sure you have beautiful, healthy trees all year around.

Our tree care services include tree removal when necessary.

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Tree Pruning


Margaaa Services is your favorite source for tree care services in the DC Metro. Tree pruning and trimming services are important because:

  • Untrimmed trees can cause damage to people and property
  • Properly trimmed trees increase the aesthetic and financial value of your home.
  • Overgrown trees block your view and may even begin to encroach on your home.

Don't let unruly trees take over your property. Contact us now to schedule your tree service.

Ask us about our dead tree removal service in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC

Tree Removal


Whether you have a fallen tree on your property or a tree that is dead and potentially dangerous, you need a reliable dead tree removal or fallen tree removal service. Margaaa Services will provide comprehensive tree services in Fairfax County, Arlington County, Loudon County, Washington D.C, and Southern Maryland. We can remove fallen trees, standing trees or just branches and parts of trees. In addition, we provide a stump removal service after felling trees.

Our stump and tree removal services are fast and thorough. Call us today at 855-669-6274 to schedule an appointment.


  • When will you need tree removal services?
    • When A dead tree has fallen or damaged your property.
    • The stump is a tripping hazard or a nuisance when mowing.
    • Trees or bushes are blocking your view.
    • Stumps and fallen trees obstruct your attraction.
    • A tree is blocking a construction site for an extension or other building.

To ensure the continued health of the trees we trim, Margaaa Services adhere to the A.N.S.I. standards. Contact us now to schedule your dead tree removal, fallen tree removal or other tree removal services in the area.

Margaaa Services are the experts in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC


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